Noise reducted dewatering pump electic powered

dewatering pump with casing for noise reduction
Technical datasheet - ZD 900 -600 COMPACT SILENT ELEKTRO

Dewatering pump with casing for noise reduction

The ZD 900-600 Elektro Silent is one of our most popular dewatering pumps. Nearly noiseless and compact in volume. The pumps are easy to stack. With an ingenious system to guide the heat from the electric motor away.


Dimensions: 2130 x 977 x 1378 mm

Weight: 1480 kg

  • Compact and light, yet large in capacity, efficiency and service life
  • Original GEHO spare parts
  • The sides and top can be opened 180° degrees, which makes all parts easily accessible for maintenance
  • Whisper quiet: 40 dB(A) at 10 meters
  • Easy access to motor and pump
  • More advantages in the technical data sheet
Type ZD 900 ZD 600
Design With gearbox With gearbox
Max. Capacity 95 m³/h 65 m³/h
Max. Discharge head 20 mwc 20 mwc
Max. Suction head 9,6 mwc 9,6 mwc
Noise level 40 db(A) at 10m 40 db(A) at 10m
Connection parts 4"/6" 4"/6"
Weight 1480 kg 1480 kg
Electric motor 5,5 kW 5,5 kW