Technical datasheet - SUPER SILENT

The Super Silent is a pump with unmatched properties. It runs super quiet and can therefore be used everywhere, and is particularly popular in residential neighbourhoods where silence is appreciated.


Dimensions: 2763 x 987 x 1218 mm
Weight: 1810 kg

  • Gearbox: Tough, compact construction with integral single helical precision gears
  • Lubrication: Self-contained oil splash lubrication
  • Piston discs: Wear resistant high molecular polyethylene
  • Cylinders: Stainless steel, easy replaceable
  • Piston rod: abrasion and corrosion resistant hard surface piston rods
  • Valve seats: Bronze, saltwater resistant
  • Valve system: Rubber discs with stainless steel guides
  • Gearbox, pump body: Alloyed cast iron
  • Inspection covers: Covers at the side of the pump body for cleaning
  • Cross head: Attached to the connecting rod with sleeve bearings
  • Crankshaft: Antifriction type drive shaft and crankshaft bearings
  • Constant water and air flow, independent of suction and discharge head
  • Self-priming with a suction lift (vacuum) of 9.6 mwc without the aid of an separate power absorbing vacuum pump
  • Permanent high efficiency minimizing energy consumption
  • About twice as efficient as a conventional vacuum priming impeller pump
  • Robust design for ease of transportation and handling
  • Rapid and economical maintenance and low spare parts usage
  • economical and longer carefree service life reducing overall project costs
  • Unprecedented high availability allowing continuous and unattended operation
  • accessibility for ease of inspection and maintenance which require no special skills
  • Resistant to brackish water
  • Permit universal application. Depending on soil conditions, up to 100 wellpoints and up to 300 metres of header pipe can be connected to a single pump
  • Can run dry without causing damage to the pump
Type ZD 900 ZD 600
Design With gearbox With gearbox
Max. Capacity 95 m³/h 65 m³/h
Max. Discharge head 20 mwc 20 mwc
Max. Suction head 9,6 mwc 9,6 mwc
Noise level 45 db(A) at 10 m 45 db(A) at 10 m
Connection parts 4"/6" 4"/6"
Weight 1810 kg 1810 kg
Diesel motor Hatz 1D81Z Hatz 1D81Z