Technical datasheet - COMPACT SILENT DIESEL

This 600/900 COMPACT SILENT DIESEL pump unit has a Hatz 1D81 engine, designed for challenging tasks. The pump works very quietly, barely 47 decibels at 10 meters away. The Compact Silent Diesel pumpset is popular even in urban areas.


Dimensions: 2113 x 977 x 1378 mm

Weight: 1585 kg

  • The sides and top can be opened 180° degrees, which makes all parts easily accessible for maintenance
  • Autonomy with 180l fuel tank: one week
  • Permit universal application. Depending on soil conditions, up to 100 wellpoints and up to 300 metres of header pipe can be connected to a single pump
  • Can run dry without causing damage to the pump
  • Compact and light, yet large in capacity, efficiency and service life
  • Original GEHO spare parts
  • More advantages in the technical data sheet
Type ZD 900 ZD 600
Design With gearbox With gearbox
Max Capacity 95 m³/h 65 m³/h
Max Discharge head 20 mwc 20 mwc
Max Suction head 9,6 mwc 9,6 mwc
Noise level 47 db(A) at 10 m 47 db(A) at 10 m
Connection parts 4"/6" 4"/6"
Weight 1585 kg 1585 kg
Diesle motor Hatz 1D81Z Hatz 1D81Z