Deaerator for dewateringprojects

Correct capacity measurement in well point dewatering

Correct capacity measurement in well point dewatering

In order to be able to carry out a good flow measurement, the air must be removed from the discharge line. This is done by means of an deaerator. For these deaerators Clasal has developed a unique design. We work with the cyclone principle instead of a partition. In this centrifugal separator, the heavier water particles are thrown to the outside due to their mass by the centrifugal force.


Maximum pump flow rate: 100 m³/hour
Maximum air percentage: 100 %
Minimum deaeration efficiency: 95%
Weight: 48-55 kg


The incoming air/water mixture is automatically forced to undergo a rapidly rotating double spiral movement, the so-called double vortex. This double spiral movement consists of an outer flow, which spirals downwards, and an inner flow, which spirals upwards. At the interface of both currents the air goes from one flow to the other. The water particles present in the stream are ejected towards the outer wall and leave the separator via the underside of the deaerator.


Simple and robust design
Long service life thanks to the hot-dip galvanised housing, rustproof float and nylon guides
Large air outlet valve guarantees high efficiency at high air volumes

Type Deaerator
Max. Pump flow 100 m³/hour
Max. Air percentage 100 %
Min. deaeration efficiency 95%
Weight (depending on connection size) 48 - 55 kg